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Orphanage proprietor refutes claims that young boys sodomised

FOLLOWING allegations that a former teen resident of the Berbice Anjuman Orphanage in Philadelphia Street, New Amsterdam had been sodomized, five minors have been taken into protective custody after it was alleged that they had also been sexually violated.

The boys, aged between ten and six, were allegedly forced to perform oral sex on one of their caregivers at the orphanage; and the man accused of committing the dastardly act on the minors has since been placed on $100,000 station bail, after he had been detained by police for several days.

An investigation has since been launched into the reports, and the file containing the alleged victims’ statements has been forwarded to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution for perusal.

In the meanwhile, owner of the orphanage, Mr. Abu Bakkar Mandal, has refuted ‘allegations’ peddled in some sections of the media that a child had been sodomized at the orphanage.

The Canadian citizen has also claimed to be unaware of the reasons why officials from the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA) took custody of the five boys, who are all under ten years old.
Mandal invited sections of the print media at the Orphanage in order to ‘clear the air’, after the June 5 edition of the Kaieteur News had published the article under the caption, “Students flee New Amsterdam Orphanage, claim sexual assault.’

The apparently disturbed Mandal said one of his charges named Akash had raised allegations of being sexually molested, “but that is not true”, he emphasized.

“After (Akash) had left the orphanage, he subsequently returned on May 23, last with a female plainclothes police officer. He was asked to identify where the incident occurred, and he pointed to a spot beside his bed. He was asked at what time the incident occurred, and he responded 7pm. He was asked if he liked it, and he responded no. He was then asked by the officer if Mr. Deen [the Manager] was on his back, and he responded ‘no’.

According to Mandal, the teen claimed to have been asleep during the assault, and confessed to not being violated by the manager.
However, following that confrontation, which was held in the presence of other officials within the orphanage, Mandal said he decided to hold a personal investigation into the matter, and discovered that ‘Akash’ had not been at the institution on the date of the alleged assault.

“Akash was to be the Muezzin who was scheduled to do the Azan (prayer), but he did not, and instead I heard another child saying the prayers, and on inquiring I was told that Akash left the compound and headed in an eastern direction with a red bicycle.

“A few days later, his step father came and reported that someone had beaten Akash. At no time did he say the child was sexually molested.

“On May 27, his mother Surajdai Premraj came and collected a younger sister who was also staying here. When she signed for the children’s release, she did not make any allegation of sexual misconduct. I was very surprised when I saw the article in the Kaieteur News. No one came to investigate; they just took out some pictures and wrote the story.

“I am aware that (there is) a medical report which supports the allegations, but it did not happen here, it happened somewhere else….”
A report from the Vryman’s Erven Secondary School, where the teen is a student, revealed that the teen has behavioural problems. The student has very poor cognitive ability, and cannot cope with classroom teaching.

Additionally, it was noted that the student is always mentally preoccupied and confused during contact sessions, and exhibits qualities of an introvert. He can be violent when provoked.

However, it was recommended that the teen needed to be taught the basic concept using pictures and colours, and should be encouraged to socialize, the report concluded.

Responding to questions posed by this reporter, Mandal said he drove to the Special Needs School in New Amsterdam on May 28, accompanied by the secretary. He said he drove to where he had intended to uplift two students of that institution, but after some delay, he was informed by a teacher that officials from the welfare department had taken them into custody.

“No one had informed the Orphanage. We subsequently made searches, but came up empty-handed. I then left to pick up students from the St Aloysius Primary School. During this period I received a call on my mobile phone, informing me to visit the Office of the Child Care and Protection Agency in New Amsterdam. On visiting, I was told that three additional children are in protective care.

‘I was then told why the children were in protective custody. I was told that ‘Akash’ made some allegations against the manager’.

“Nevertheless, despite the allegations, I and my manager are willing to submit ourselves to an polygraph test to prove our innocence’, he concluded.

A source close to the investigation informed this reporter that the police file is currently gaining the attention of the Director of Public Prosecution .
However, the source denied that the alleged victim was questioned in the presence of the staff of the orphanage. Instead, the teen was asked to identify the area where he was sexually violated, and ‘he pointed to the second bed’ the source emphasized’.

Currently the alleged perpetrator is on $100,000 station bail, after being detained for seventy-two hours

In addition, this newspaper was reliably informed that the five boys who were taken from two schools within the New Amsterdam environs were confirmed to have been sexually violated.

The under-aged boys reported that the named manager forced them to have oral sex with him. The alleged victims have since been taken into protective custody and are currently out of the jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, a senior official from one of the schools observed that her charges were “once happy and extraverted children, but since the alleged incident, one has become withdrawn’

(By Jeune Bailey-Vankeric)

Mother of three found dead with head in bucket

- husband “confesses” after first claiming suicide

A 31-year-old man has reportedly admitted to killing his 25-year-old reputed wife, whose body,

Shelly Persaud and husband

with head partly submerged in a bucket of water, was found outside the couple’s Friendship, East Bank Demerara home at around 02.00 hrs yesterday.
Shelly Persaud, a housewife and mother of three, was found at the bottom of the back stairs of the Lot 34 residence. Her head was in a five-gallon bucket that contained just a little water.
The victim’s reputed husband had reportedly told her father, whom he had summoned to the scene, that he had found his spouse in that position at around 02.00 hrs.
Orin Morris, the dead woman’s father, said that the son-in-law had suggested that his daughter committed suicide after the couple had argued over her husband coming home drunk.
But indications are that the ‘suicide’ was staged and Kaieteur News understands that the reputed husband has since admitted to causing Persaud’s demise while under the influence of alcohol.
Kaieteur News understands that the couple’s eight-year-old daughter has told relatives that she heard her parents arguing some time Saturday night. The child reportedly also claimed to have seen her father beating her mother and pulling her hair while saying, “tonight is the last night you will see your mother.”
The victim’s father lives a short distance away, and he told Kaieteur News that his son-in law came over to his home at around 02.00 hrs and said that “she (Shelly Persaud) dead and she head deh in a bucket of water.”
On arriving at the couple’s home, Morris said that he saw his daughter in a half-sitting position at the bottom of the back steps. Her head was submerged in a five-gallon bucket which was partly filled with water.
According to the slain woman’s father, his son-in-law claimed that he came home drunk at around 23.00 hrs on Saturday and that Shelly Persaud had said,” you drunk, you sleep in the back room,”. The housewife reportedly then slept in another room with the couple’s children, aged eight, four and two. The son-in-law reportedly said that he awoke at around 02.00 hrs yesterday and it was then that he found Persaud’s body.
“He tell me she commit suicide, but from the way I see she, I know that no big woman can’t kill sheself in a bucket of water like that,” Mr. Morris said. From his observations, his daughter had suffered severe injuries to her neck.

Orin Morris points to the spot where his daughter’s body was found.

The father told Kaieteur News that he eventually called the police after trying in vain to revive his daughter. He said ranks from the Golden Grove/Diamond Police Station arrived some three hours later, and undertakers also came around the same time to take the body away.
While one relative said that the housewife had suffered occasional asthma attacks, her father said that those attacks had stopped a long time ago.
The man said that his daughter never indicated that she and her husband were having domestic problems. A female relative of the slain woman also said that while he drank occasionally, she had never seen Persaud’s husband display any violence towards his spouse. But Persaud had confided in her that five weeks ago he had struck her while under the influence of alcohol.
And some of Shelly Persaud’s recent Facebook postings had hinted at an unhappy relationship. In one comment she said: “You can’t keep hurting a person and expect them to continue loving you.” And in another posting a few hours before her death she wrote: “Sometimes I just want to disappear and see if anyone would miss me.”

Man gets 78 years for dumping wife’s body in trench

 – attempts getaway

By Latoya Giles
Drama unfolded at the High Court yesterday afternoon as Kevin Verwayne, who was sentenced to 78 years imprisonment by Justice Navindra Singh, after being found guilty by a unanimous jury verdict for the murder of his reputed wife, attempted to jump over the rails of the court balcony as he was being escorted back to the lock-ups.
As he threw his right leg over the rails, Sergeant Wishart sprang into action, restraining Verwayne, who then began fighting him and other police officers. He was crying and incoherent and was eventually subdued and taken to the lock-ups without further incident.
Verwayne, 25, of Depot Dam Squatting Area, Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara, was on trial from May 16, for the 2011 murder of his 20-year-old reputed wife, Farida Ramdeen called ‘Susie’.
The State’s case which was presented by Senior State Counsel Judith Gildharie-Mursalin was that Verwayne had taken Ramdeen in a taxi from their home at Pouderoyen to Gafoors at Houston, under the pretext that he was taking her to visit his aunt in Albouystown.
He walked her down the Access Road which was muddy and when she asked him where he was taking her, he cuffed her to her mouth and compelled her to “walk.” He took off his boots and caused her to take off her slippers.
He then told her, “Baby, all them things you been putting me through. All the time a telling yuh a gon kill yuh but yuh didn’t believe me. When I go to work you does have man in the house sexing you and I does work hard fuh give you all me money.”
Verwayne then hugged Ramdeen and jumped into the trench with her where he choked her until she became lifeless, and then hid her body under some cane trash and returned home. Verwayne’s cousin, Shenisa Rawlins called ‘Blacks’ who had introduced Ramdeen to Verwayne and whose home they visited on a daily basis, called him on Saturday March 5, 2011, enquiring about Ramdeen.
Verwayne told her that Ramdeen was at his aunt in Georgetown, as he had to work there the next day. He was employed as a garbage collector with Puran Bros Waste Disposal Services.
Later that night, Verwayne confided in an aunt, Esther Pyle, at Crane Housing Scheme. Pyle called Rawlins to her home and Verwayne confided to Rawlins that he had murdered Ramdeen and hid her body under trash in the trench at Houston.
He offered to take Rawlins to where the body was. Rawlins agreed to go with him to where the body was but instead she took him to the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station by taxi where he told Corporal Lynette Phillips who was on duty that he had killed Ramdeen and left her body in the trench at Houston.
Corporal Phillips contacted the ranks at Ruimveldt Police Station who had jurisdiction over Houston, and Verwayne and Rawlins were picked up from Vreed-en-Hoop. Verwayne directed the police, including Corporal Herbert Henry, to the area where he had left the body. It was almost midnight and pitch black. However, Verwayne retrieved his boots and Rawlins recognized the pair of slippers that she had bought for Ramdeen stuck in the mud. Ramdeen’s body was not found that night.
The next morning, Corporal Henry and a party of police officers and Rawlins, along with Ramdeen’s brother, Shawn Williams, returned to Houston where Ramdeen’s body was found and fished out of the trench. Photographs of that scene, taken by Corporal Linden Forbes Sampson were admitted as exhibits at the trial. Forensic Pathologist, Dr. Nehaul Singh performed an autopsy on Ramdeen’s body and testified that she died from (asphyxiation) lack of oxygen due to compression injuries to the neck caused by manual strangulation and drowning. He also found that Ramdeen had sustained blunt trauma to her head, eyes, mouth and chest.
Following his arrest, Verwayne also gave a written caution statement to Corporal Henry which was witnessed by Sergeant Bowman, and in which he detailed how and why he had murdered Ramdeen. He also took Sergeant Bowman to his home where he handed over the red jersey and brown pants he was wearing at the time he killed Ramdeen. These were admitted as exhibits at the trial.
Following the closure of the State’s case, Verwayne, who was represented by Attorney-at-Law, Melvyn Duke, opted to remain silent when called upon to lead a defence if he so desired. Through cross-examination of the State’s witnesses, including Rawlins, the defence raised the issue that one ‘Sherwin’ had sexually assaulted Ramdeen two weeks prior to her death and that he was her killer.
Following a two-hour summing up of the evidence yesterday by Justice Singh, the jury, comprising nine women and three men, returned the unanimous verdict of guilty. Asked whether he had anything to say prior to sentencing, Verwayne said “No further comments at this time.”
In his plea of mitigation, Defence Counsel asked the court for clemency and leniency in sentencing and to consider Verwayne’s age, that he had no counsel in the Magistrate’s Court and was a man of meagre means who had shown respect for the court throughout the trial.
But the Prosecutor asked the Court to consider that there were no mitigating factors and that his intention to kill her was clearly evident from the fact that he took her to that location by taxi and that was a deliberate, unprovoked, unjustified, planned killing of this young woman in the prime of her life.
“Resorting to this kind of brutality and violence is never the solution to any problem, but this is so prevalent in our society today. This young woman, who from the evidence appeared to have been “flighty,” was led like a sheep to the slaughter by Verwayne, a man she obviously trusted, to her death,” the Prosecutor said.
In imposing sentence on Verwayne, Justice Singh told him that he does not implement the death penalty for the offence of murder; the starting point was 60 years imprisonment.
“Having regard to the fact that this was a premeditated act, meaning you planned it, I will add another 10 years to the 60. Further, I have considered that Ramdeen suffered and died a horrible death. One of the most horrible ways a person can die is by drowning and for your cruelty in this regard, I will add another five years.
“Because it is a crime of domestic violence, which is prevalent in Guyana, I will add another six years. For the time served in prison while on remand, I will deduct that three years. There are no mitigating factors in this case and the jury having found you guilty, you have chosen not to say anything. You are hereby sentenced to 78 years imprisonment.”
Verwayne appeared calm as he was handcuffed and led from the dock out of the courtroom and onto the corridor where he then began crying and attempted to jump over the rails.
Ramdeen’s elderly grandmother, Gladys Ramnarine, who was present in court throughout the trial, said she was “grateful to God that justice was done”. She said Ramdeen had lost her parents at a tender age and she grew up with her.

No evidence prison staff allowed entry of weapons used in recent attack

THE police are leading the investigations into the unrest and violence which occurred at the New Amsterdam Prisons last Friday evening.

A source close to the investigation told this publication yesterday that, so far, the police have been able to question both prisoners and prison officers at the facility.
Chronicle was also informed that the investigators did revisit the prisons yesterday where more statements were taken from persons who were present when the incident occurred and who are responsible for various layers of security at the facility.
Meanwhile, another source at the prisons related that while the police are conducting the general investigations, they have already launched their own internal probe.
The main part of the investigation will be to determine how the choppers and corrosive substance got behind the prison walls and into the hands of the prisoners.
It is understood that the four prisoners who were injured in the attack are among the most dangerous of the high profile prisoners at the facility.
The Ministry of Home Affairs, in a statement yesterday, assured that the matter will be fully investigated.
Those injured in the attack were Clarence Williams, Kwame Bhagwandin, Abdussalim Azemulla and Davindra Harrichand.
On Tuesday, the injured prisoners told reporters that the four men who attacked them were encouraged to do so by prison officers. They claimed that the prison officers knew fully well that their lives were in danger but did nothing to address the concerns.
Last week Friday the four injured prisoners were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital for medical attention after the attack. Some were treated for acid burns while others had chop wounds.
Over the years, several prison officers have been hauled before the courts accused of facilitating the entry of illicit items into the facility.

(By Leroy Smith)

Murder accused dies in jail one day after being remanded

The 49-year-old man who murdered the 19-year-old mother of his child and then drank a dose of poison died in jail, yesterday, one day after he was remanded to the penal institution.

Robert Sandy

Robert Sandy, called ‘Jug’, who was a carpenter of Mai Mai Dam, Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam, stabbed Oneka Greaves, the 19-year-old mother of one of his children to death on the evening of May 19, last, before ingesting poison. He was subsequently hospitalized in the New Amsterdam Hospital under guard.
He was discharged on May 26 and taken into police custody. On Tuesday, he appeared before Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court and was not required to enter a plea to the indictable offence. Sandy was remanded to jail and placed into the prison infirmary where he fell ill. The man was removed from the prison and taken to the New Amsterdam hospital where he was admitted under guard.
Sandy was subsequently discharged from the institution hours after, and was returned to the New Amsterdam prison. Prison authorities, whilst making regular round in the jail, discovered him dead on the floor around 05:15 hrs.
Sandy was accused of brutally stabbing the woman after she allegedly spurned him.  The man, who had four grown children – aged 25, 23, 21 and 18, was reportedly upset that the young lady had told him that they should end the relationship since she wanted to move on with her life.
She had endured what was said to be an abusive relationship.  He was also peeved when he learnt that she was seeing someone else.
The man had given a statement that he and Oneka Greaves were together since she was 14 years.
A post mortem examination conducted by Dr. Vivekanand Brijmohan at the New Amsterdam hospital showed that Greaves died from shock and haemorrhage due to multiple incised wounds and damage to vital organs including her kidney. She also sustained incised wounds to the spine, pancreas and diaphragm.
Robert Sandy was expected to return to court on June 26.
A release from the police stated that Robert Sandy died yesterday, at the New Amsterdam Prison.

NA man reportedly kills childmother, then attempts suicide

Eighteen-year-old Onicka Greaves who was reportedly murdered by her former lover. (Photo courtesy of Gordon Moseley)

AN 18-year-old girl was reportedly stabbed to death on Monday night by her 48-year-old former lover, whom she had separated from about a week ago, after being together for more than two years and from which union, a child was conceived. The child is now four months old.

According to reports, Onicka Greaves was fatally stabbed by Robert Sandy, her former lover, who then attempted suicide by drinking a poisonous substance. However, he managed to survive and was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital by relatives where he is under police guard.
Speaking with this publication, the murdered girl’s mother, Abiola Greaves, said that her daughter had ended the relationship with the man and moved to Georgetown the same week, but he had been calling her and threatening that “something will happen” if she should go with someone else.
She also stated that the baby was left in her care but she never took the man’s threats seriously. However, she related that Sandy deceived her daughter by telling her that the baby was sick and she should return to see what was happening.
“After coming back to New Amsterdam without informing me, I heard someone was screaming loudly but I did not know where it was coming from. As I rushed downstairs I saw him stabbing my daughter continuously, the neighbours then came over to offer me some help but the man had already disappeared. With the help of my neighbour we then took her to the hospital where she was alive,” the mother related.
She said that while she was at the hospital watching at her daughter, she felt that something would happen. “I was at the hospital whole night hoping for my daughter to be alive but as the doctors continued to fight for her life, I was told that she died. She died early Tuesday morning (yesterday). Words cannot express how I’m feeling, I will have to take care of the baby now,” the mother lamented.
However, a relative of Sandy who wants to remain anonymous said that he had told her that Greaves had left him, noting that the man was then acting strangely. “I heard when Sandy was threatening Abiola over the phone – he was telling her that ‘if he can’t get she, nobody cannot get she.’ I warned him about the threats and he kept telling me that nothing would not happen. I’m very surprised and shocked of his actions because he was never a suicidal type and always having a good relationship,” the relative said.

In another incident on Friday, May 02, reportedly stemming from domestic discord, forty-eight-year-old Chetram Bharrat of Haslington, East Coast Demerara was chopped to death, while his wife, Lomattie Ramdat, 36, sustained several lacerations when two men armed with cutlasses invaded their home. According to reports, Bharrat used to be working in Suriname for long periods while his wife began a relationship with another man without letting him know she had a husband. It is said that the other man was responsible for her husband’s death.


Haslington New Scheme attack…Wounded woman fearful lover would try to finish her off


Lomattie Ramdat cries bitterly as she recounts last Friday morning’s ordeal.

Lomattie Ramdat, the survivor of last Thursday’s attack at Haslington New Scheme, East Coast Demerara is now convinced that her lover plotted the whole thing and is calling on the police to apprehend him quickly, since she fears for her safety and that of her children.
Speaking to Kaieteur News from her hospital bed, Ramdat who sustained chops to her left side face, right shoulder and twice to her right arm said “it got to be he send somebody fuh do dis…all body ah talk how he swear he go kill me and me husband…because if you nah do something, wha you go mistic for?” Ramdat said.

Ramdat, who is still under police guard in hospital, lost her husband Chetram Bharrat, a 36-year old fisherman when two cutlass-wielding men invaded their home.
After brutally hacking the couple and ransacking the house, the men reportedly made off with $300,000.
Many had blamed Ramdat and her lover for the attack but the woman maintained yesterday that they were victims of a robbery which she is certain that her lover “Errol” had set up.
She is basing her belief on the fact that her lover had on several occasions threatened to kill her and her husband as well as their two children.
In fact the two children ages 18 and 17 years old had moved out of their parents’ home out of fear for their safety, following the threats.
Ramdat informed that she and “Errol” had parted company a few months ago after he had inflicted a beating on her.
At the time she had moved in with him while her husband was in Suriname earning a living.
According to Ramdat, after the beating her husband advised her to move to a safe place until he returned to Guyana in a few months.
Ramdat’s husband returned to Guyana late last month with a substantial amount of money and despite her affair, he invited her back home to their house at Haslington New Scheme.
Recounting the events prior to last Friday morning’s attack, Ramdat said that she and her husband had secured their house and retired to bed just after 19:00 hours on Thursday after imbibing a “couple of beers”.
“The only thing I can recall ah when de chop wake up me and me husband,” she said.
The men had targeted her husband first and from all indications the first chop to his head immediately disabled him.
Ramdat said that she tried to prevent the men from further chopping her husband, taking two wounds on her right hand in the process.
“His blood start spray all over me face, all in me mouth and so. When me get up fuh come off de bed, de man ask me ‘whe de US, whe de money deh?’ me say me nah know whe me husband lef am. By time me can talk so, me get one chop hey (indicated her face) and me get blackout and me fall right in front de room door, after dat me nah know nothing,” Ramdat recalled.
When she regained consciousness, the attackers had already left and she felt the blood running down her face, while her almost severed hand was hanging at her side.
Then she turned towards her husband who was still lying on the bed.
“Me see he and say ‘Ow me God’, me nah know if he de dead. Me tek a towel and throw it round me head and crawl out easy and go by me neighbor and tell he wha happen,” Ramdat told this newspaper.
She has since given a statement to that effect to the police, who are still hunting her lover.
Neighbours and relatives were initially questioning why Ramdat did not raise an alarm during the attack, since she is usually vociferous whenever she and “Errol” were engaged in their domestic squabbles.
“How me go scream when me get blackout? Because is pure blood in me face, all over yuh skin, all in yuh head yuh get chop,” she responded.
Another question on the minds of relatives and neighbours is how the killers managed to gain entry into Ramdat’s house without arousing their dogs who usually bark incessantly at any sign of strangers in the night.
“Me nah know how de bandit come in too, because from de time me catch meself, me hustle fuh come out fuh go call me neighbour,” she said.
Gopaul Ramkumar, the couple’s eastern neighbour, said that he did not hear any screams when the attack was taking place but was only awakened by Ramdat’s knocking and calling his name.
He said that since the couple was known to have disagreements whenever they imbibed liquor, he thought that they were having another quarrel, so at first he was not too keen to get out of his bed.
“She call and seh, ‘come boy, open de door.’ When me open de door, me see she cover in blood and me nah know wha fuh do. Me put she fuh sit down and me go and me call dem other neighbour,” Ramkumar told this newspaper.
Ramdat’s husband was described as a quiet person who had forgiven her on several occasions for her infidelity and took her back to live with him, despite being advised to leave her, even by her own relatives.
So why did she continue her relationship with “Errol”?
She said that she also suffered abuse at the hands of her husband.
“Because he used to beat me, he nearly cut out me neck all…nobody nah kno wha ah happen in yuh house but dem like fly dem mouth.”
She said that she is fearful that as long as “Errol” remains on the loose her life is in danger.
“Me nah sleep whole night, me frighten. Ah best me bin go too behind me husband,” Ramdat cried.


Non Pareil murder/ suicide…Sibling cites rumours of infidelity as possible motive

Dead: Nandanie Mohan called Michelle, and her husband, Vickam Ramdin30

Rajnarine Ramdin, the brother of the 31-year-old man who murdered his wife before hanging himself last Sunday at Non Pareil, East Coast Demerara, said that his sibling might have committed the act because of rumours that his spouse was having an affair. At around 21:00hrs, relatives found the bodies of 28-year-old Nandanie Mohan, called Michelle and her husband Vickam Ramdin in their home at Lot 165 North ‘D’ Non Pareil Housing Scheme.

Mohan’s body was found on the couple’s bed with a sheet wrapped around her neck while her husband was discovered dangling from a rafter, just above her. From all indications, the father of two had strangled his wife and then hanged himself.
Rajnarine Ramdin yesterday told this publication during a telephone interview that he believes his brother committed the act because of rumours that his wife was having an affair.
“She was working at a snackette at Mon Repos market and a lot of men used to go and drink there and he (his brother) used to go there and drink, and like he see things too. Like it get overbearing and he trip,” the brother opined.
According to Rajnarine Ramdin, his brother had once told him that people were telling him things and he even saw something.
“He said that he see something but he didn’t say what he see but he was upset and frustrated. He (Vickram) never tell anyone anything, he use to keep to himself and because the affair was getting to him, he would drink a lot. Sometimes she (Nandanie) would tell him that she sleeping by her parents and when he find out, she is not there, so all those things used to bother him a lot.”
The brother further related that his dead sibling was “too attached to his wife” and could not stay away from her.
“They spent years together so it was hard for him. I am not blaming her for anything, but I think their problems started when she got the work,” Rajnarine Ramdin related.
Meanwhile, Nandanie Mohan’s father, Dudnath Mohan had told this publication that two years ago his daughter was forced to take up a job at the snackette because her husband hardly worked. He further related that last year, on Mashramani Day, his now dead son-in-law had held a knife to his daughter’s neck and threatened to kill her, forcing her to jump from her 12-ft. high verandah.
“When he get ready, he used to cut up the hose from the gas stove and knock up the fridge, denting it. He would take her clothes and burn it and still my daughter refused to leave him,” the dead woman’s father said.
Recalling what happened on that fateful  night, the dead woman’s mother, Lachmin Mohan, said that early Sunday she tried numerous times to contact her daughter and son-in-law but failed.
Accompanied by another daughter and the dead couple’s 11-year-old son, Omardat Ramdin, she went to her daughter’s house around 21:00hrs later that day.
“The two children does live by me, so I carry they son with us. When we reach, the son take a stick and he was hitting the flooring and saying, ‘Mommy, Daddy wake up,’ but no one answered and the place was locked up.”
She added that she started asking neighbours if they saw the couple.
“People say that they see them a little before 06:00hrs on Saturday walking. They say he had an umbrella sheltering her and they were hugging and walking,” the grieving mother recalled.
The woman added that after talking to neighbours, as she was heading back to her daughter’s home, she heard a loud scream.
“My daughter got into the house and she tell me that Nandanie dead and deh on the bed and Vickram deh hang up,” the tearful woman said.
The police were called in and the bodies were removed from the home.
Post mortem examinations will be performed today.
The couple was supposed to attend the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court last Monday for a domestic matter.

Porkknocker stabbed to death, reputed wife on the run

April 23, 2014 | By | Filed Under News


The murder of a 32-year-old man at Baramita, has once again exposed the lack of law and order in the small North West District community.
Junior Brandt, a porkknocker, was discovered dead yesterday morning with several stab wounds about his body.
Police in a press statement said that Brandt was allegedly involved in an argument with his reputed wife, during which he was fatally stabbed. Up to last night, the woman had not been arrested.
This latest incident has once more highlighted that the lack of respect for life and property is spiraling out of control and police in the district seem incapable of dealing with or are turning a blind eye to the situation.
And while the victim of the latest murder is a man at the hands of a woman, some concerned residents are appealing for something to be done to arrest what they described as wanton disregard for the law. They are critical of the police ranks there who they say are showing no regard for what is taking place.
In fact, one resident said that the police at the Baramita outpost, refused to accompany persons to the scene of the murder and it was the Village Captain who undertook the task to bring Brandt’s body out from the backdam where the incident took place.
Kaieteur News was told that early yesterday morning, a villager went to the Captain and reported that a man was lying dead in a pool of blood in the backdam.
According to a source in the district, the Captain and the individual went to the police, but their report of the murder was met with scant disregard by the police rank on duty, who reportedly had a dismissive attitude.
When contacted, the Captain, who claimed to be a relative of the dead man, said that he had requested to borrow the police’s All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to go to the scene of the crime, but the police rank refused.
Later the Captain and the villager left on another ATV and within an hour they returned with Brandt’s body.
“The police didn’t go in and investigate and nobody get arrest, but the police lock up the man who report the murder,” the source said.
Villagers are desperately hoping that things will turn around quickly in their community so that future generations will be spared. They spoke of wanton alcohol consumption, even by under-aged children, and in most cases these binges end up in bloodshed.
“If a man stab a man in here, fifteen minutes later he get loose and the next morning is pure blood you seeing on the road. People raping the little girls and nobody being charged,” the source said. They painted a gloomy picture of their community.
“Lil children seven and nine years old drunk, drunk. Mother drinking rum and their children are with them crying,” one villager told this newspaper.
They were not very complimentary of the police either.
“The police doing DJ work at Nano shop. I don’t know what is going on in this community,” another resident lamented.
According to the resident, “every day after six o’clock, the police station close and is everybody drunk.”


No bail for water vendor who allegedly stabbed ex-wife

A Plaisance Bus Park water vendor appeared in a city court yesterday charged with stabbing his reputed wife with an ice-pick after she decided to end their relationship.
Randy Bowen, of 17 Prince William Street, Plaisance, appeared before Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court for his first arraignment.
It is alleged that on April 12, last, at Regent and Hinck Streets, he unlawfully assaulted his reputed wife so as to cause her actual bodily harm.
When asked to respond to the charge, the accused pleaded not guilty.
The case is being prosecuted by Corporal Deniro Jones and Bowen was unrepresented by legal counsel.
Corporal Jones explained that the victim was vending at Regent and Hinck Streets when she was confronted by Bowen, her former reputed husband, and they started to argue.
According to the Prosecutor, during the quarrel the woman asked him to move from her stall and he started to point his finger in her face. In response, the woman told him that the relationship is over and that she wished not to be engaged in a problem with him and tried to walk away.
The Prosecution said Bowen got angry and pulled her back towards him and dealt her two stabs with an ice-pick to her thigh.
The matter was reported and the accused was later arrested and charged with the offence.
The Corporal objected to him being granted bail citing that there were conflicts with the addresses he had provided to the court and police.
Bail was refused and Bowen was remanded. He is scheduled to appear before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on May 16.