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Non Pareil murder/ suicide…Sibling cites rumours of infidelity as possible motive

Dead: Nandanie Mohan called Michelle, and her husband, Vickam Ramdin30

Rajnarine Ramdin, the brother of the 31-year-old man who murdered his wife before hanging himself last Sunday at Non Pareil, East Coast Demerara, said that his sibling might have committed the act because of rumours that his spouse was having an affair. At around 21:00hrs, relatives found the bodies of 28-year-old Nandanie Mohan, called Michelle and her husband Vickam Ramdin in their home at Lot 165 North ‘D’ Non Pareil Housing Scheme.

Mohan’s body was found on the couple’s bed with a sheet wrapped around her neck while her husband was discovered dangling from a rafter, just above her. From all indications, the father of two had strangled his wife and then hanged himself.
Rajnarine Ramdin yesterday told this publication during a telephone interview that he believes his brother committed the act because of rumours that his wife was having an affair.
“She was working at a snackette at Mon Repos market and a lot of men used to go and drink there and he (his brother) used to go there and drink, and like he see things too. Like it get overbearing and he trip,” the brother opined.
According to Rajnarine Ramdin, his brother had once told him that people were telling him things and he even saw something.
“He said that he see something but he didn’t say what he see but he was upset and frustrated. He (Vickram) never tell anyone anything, he use to keep to himself and because the affair was getting to him, he would drink a lot. Sometimes she (Nandanie) would tell him that she sleeping by her parents and when he find out, she is not there, so all those things used to bother him a lot.”
The brother further related that his dead sibling was “too attached to his wife” and could not stay away from her.
“They spent years together so it was hard for him. I am not blaming her for anything, but I think their problems started when she got the work,” Rajnarine Ramdin related.
Meanwhile, Nandanie Mohan’s father, Dudnath Mohan had told this publication that two years ago his daughter was forced to take up a job at the snackette because her husband hardly worked. He further related that last year, on Mashramani Day, his now dead son-in-law had held a knife to his daughter’s neck and threatened to kill her, forcing her to jump from her 12-ft. high verandah.
“When he get ready, he used to cut up the hose from the gas stove and knock up the fridge, denting it. He would take her clothes and burn it and still my daughter refused to leave him,” the dead woman’s father said.
Recalling what happened on that fateful  night, the dead woman’s mother, Lachmin Mohan, said that early Sunday she tried numerous times to contact her daughter and son-in-law but failed.
Accompanied by another daughter and the dead couple’s 11-year-old son, Omardat Ramdin, she went to her daughter’s house around 21:00hrs later that day.
“The two children does live by me, so I carry they son with us. When we reach, the son take a stick and he was hitting the flooring and saying, ‘Mommy, Daddy wake up,’ but no one answered and the place was locked up.”
She added that she started asking neighbours if they saw the couple.
“People say that they see them a little before 06:00hrs on Saturday walking. They say he had an umbrella sheltering her and they were hugging and walking,” the grieving mother recalled.
The woman added that after talking to neighbours, as she was heading back to her daughter’s home, she heard a loud scream.
“My daughter got into the house and she tell me that Nandanie dead and deh on the bed and Vickram deh hang up,” the tearful woman said.
The police were called in and the bodies were removed from the home.
Post mortem examinations will be performed today.
The couple was supposed to attend the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court last Monday for a domestic matter.