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Police silent on Ashni Singh spending complaint -Ramjattan expects response this week

There has been no word from the police on the complaint filed by Khemraj Ramjattan regarding the alleged illegal spending by Finance Minister Ashni Singh and the AFC leader said that he expects a public response from the Guyana Police Force this week.

When contacted, Crime Chief Leslie James was unable to provide information on the issue. He told Stabroek News that to give an update he would have to make contact with his superiors. He said too that he has not spoken to Ramjattan about the matter.

In an invited comment, Ramjattan said that he expects the police to publically respond to his complaint this week, failing which he will take the appropriate action. He disclosed that he has since learnt from police sources that it has been realized that the Minister has done a “big wrong.” The AFC leader said that given the nature of the matter – that it was a “big wrong” and that the minister holds a senior position – the sources have related that the matter has to be analyzed thoroughly as it is “no ordinary matter.” He stressed that he has been told that the matter will take some time to be analyzed.

Ramjattan added that he was reliably informed that the issue has left the minister “very scared” and he is now laying the blame at the feet of Attorney General Anil Nandlall.

The move to file the complaint came after it was found that government had spent more than $4.5 billion of the $37.4 billion cut from this year’s $220 billion national budget. Singh, on June 19, tabled Financial Paper 1 of 2014 seeking the approval of the House for the extra-budgetary spending. However, this quickly attracted the ire of the main opposition APNU as well as the AFC who have labelled it illegal.

In a nine-page Complaint and brief to the police, Ramjattan wrote that he was making a formal complaint and report that Singh and other officials in his Ministry have committed a violation of the provisions of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act 2003. The minister, he said, has spent monies without having obtained legislative authorization and he and other officials in the relevant ministries have expended $4.533 billion up to June 16th, 2014. This, according to Ramjattan, constitutes a misusing, a misapplication, or an improper disposal of public monies.

Quoting Section 85 which says: “An official who knowingly permits any other person to contravene any provision of this Act is guilty of an indictable offence and liable on conviction to a fine of $2,000,000 and imprisonment for 3 years,” the AFC leader said that criminal liability can therefore befall the minister and those under him if it is determined that they went against the above-mentioned legislation.

Ramjattan, in the document, also told the police that Singh breached Article 217 which outlines all the conditions under which funds are to be withdrawn from the Consolidated Fund. He also quoted other sections of the Constitution in an attempt to validate his position.

Ramotar now says board will deal with NCN irregularities

-chairman had said he was waiting on President

Following a series of unfulfilled promises to reveal what action he would take against officials implicated in financial irregularities at the state broadcaster NCN, Presi-dent Donald Ramotar on Saturday stated that NCN’s Board would deal with the matter but since 2012 the Board had said it was awaiting his pronouncement on it.

Asked about the matter at a news conference at State House, Ramotar said that all the time he was labouring under the impression that the report was not made public but he understood that it was on the Government Informa-tion Agency (GINA) website for a long time until the website was hacked. He said that the report is back up again and added that an announcement on some of the issues will be made later.

It was pointed out to the President by Stabroek News that he was asked and he had promised to reveal what actions he had or would take against those implicated in the multi-million dollar financial scandal. The president responded that NCN has a Board and there are certain functions that a Board will have so “let’s first of all deal with it at the level of the Board before and let me look at that and see what will happen.”

When it was pointed out to him that the Board would have investigated the matter and had sent him a report, the president responded: “No, the Board had sent the report to me. All the Board (did) was sent a report to me. They didn’t make any recommendation and so forth.”

In December 2012, the then Chairman of the NCN Board of Directors Prem Misir, had told Stabroek News that the closure report on the financial irregularities at the state-owned broadcaster was with Ramotar, who was yet to offer his advice. “The President has been in and out… I think he just returned from Peru although I can’t say for sure but I sent him the report and it’s on his desk,” Misir told Stabroek News at the time. “The reason the President is involved is technically because he is the Minister of Information [and] so he got the closure report. He agreed to look at it expeditiously,” he had said. “I think [Programme Manager Martin] Goolsarran’s unpaid leave is still happening, that has not changed. The President has to make that decision,” Misir added. Goolsarran is no longer with NCN.

Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon in November 2012 had also announced at his post-cabinet briefing that the board had completed its probe and that the results were with Ramotar. Luncheon at that time acknowledged that he had seen the report but refused to disclose whether there were any recommendations for dismissals. “The board has concluded their investigation (and) there is a report that has been submitted to the Minister of Information, the president recognizing some interim steps and additional recommendations. The Office of the President is yet to pronounce definitively on that matter”, he said.

Responding to a question on whether there were recommendations made by the Board about dismissals, he said “There are a number of recommendations made by the Board about current employees. I am not at liberty right now to disclose what those are but I can undertake to ensure that the Office of the President and Minister of Information, (make it) public knowledge at an appropriate time.”


In a way

Last month, Ramotar acknowledged that he has taken a long time to reveal whether he took any action against officials implicated in the financial irregularities NCN and said that a lot of the issues “in a way” have been resolved.

He had spoken at length about his administration’s efforts to fight corruption and when it was pointed out that it has been two years since NCN officials who have close ties to the PPP were implicated in the financial scandal at the state broadcaster, the President agreed that it has been a long time. However, he said, “a lot of the issues in a way has been resolved, the CEO is not there…they have not been there but we’ll get to that I promise you.”

The President was asked about the issue at prior news conferences but despite promises, he has not revealed what action he will take against officials implicated in the financial scandal. At a news conference on June 7, he again had no answers when asked about the issue. “I have nothing new to report on that. I really was preoccupied with many other things at this point in time. I’m sorry, next time hopefully I’ll be in a better position,” the president said.

“I wasn’t prepared for that question at this point in time but I’ll probably look into it and see if I can give you an answer after…,” the President said in March. In April 2013, he had said that he would make his decision known “very soon.”

Last April, Luncheon said that government has concerns about the recommendations made by the auditor who uncovered the financial irregularities at NCN. “I think the review of what the auditor submitted as recommendations… and his specific Terms of Reference [ToR] continue to be a source of some concern by the administration… I for one feel that he overstepped his bounds, went beyond his ToR in the recommendations that had been made and more than likely that has stultified any action on those recommendations,” Luncheon had told a news briefing.

“I would want to believe that the matter would have died, but it obviously has not died and actually I suspect that there may well be some imminent interventions, revelations that would bring this matter again to the fore,” he had said.

Harry Parmesar, the auditor who uncovered the financial irregularities at NCN subsequently told Stabroek News that he was never contacted about any concerns that the government might have had about his findings.

Former NCN Programme Manager Goolsarran and NCN’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mohammed ‘Fuzzy’ Sattaur were implicated in the scandal. Critics have said the reason why there has been no action is that the two persons at the centre of the probe have close ties to the ruling party. Analysts see the case as a litmus test of whether the government is serious about accountability and financial probity in the state sector.

The duo had allegedly pressured employees to backdate invoices, Goolsarran had deposited millions of dollars in his personal bank account and among other things, the report said, a number of functions of other staff/departments were usurped by Sattaur and Goolsarran. Both Sattaur and Goolsarran had declined to speak when contacted by Stabroek News.

Colwyn Harding on violent robbery charge

- granted $75,000 bail

Colwyn Harding, who filed a hefty lawsuit against the State for alleged torture and constitutional infringements earlier

Accused: Colwyn Harding

this year, appeared yesterday before a senior city Magistrate to face a violent robbery charge for allegedly mugging a woman in front of a popular city store last week.
Harding was charged with violently robbing Cheryl Ann Hope of $30,000 cash and three Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones costing $360,000 at Hadfield Street, last Wednesday.
Before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, he pleaded not guilty and submitted a bail application through his lawyer, Nigel Hughes.
Recapping the incident which led to the charge, Police Prosecutor, Corporal Bharat Mangru explained that Harding and the alleged virtual complainant are acquainted with each other. He said that on the day in question the alleged victim was standing in front of Ashmin’s Store on Hadfield Street when a white car drove by and Harding exited, armed with a cutlass.
The Prosecution claimed that Harding attacked the woman, and dealt her several chops to her hand. As Hope fell, Harding reportedly relieved her of the cash and phones before fleeing the scene.
The court was told that Harding managed to evade the police for days but had later surrendered in the company of his attorney and was subsequently released on station bail.
Objecting to bail, Mangru asked the court to note that the likelihood of Harding tampering with the woman exists, since the two are affiliated.
He also based his objections on the fact that Harding had attempted to evade the police, and stated that he is a flight risk who would not return to face the charge instituted against him.
Applying for bail, Hughes stated that his client was released on station bail and had at no point tried to interfere with Hope. He said too that there are three persons who could verify Harding’s whereabouts at the time of the alleged incident.
The lawyer related that Hope’s co-worker stated that the person who committed the robbery had on a mask, and argued that the police could not point to his client.
The Chief Magistrate granted the defence’s application and Harding was released on bail in the sum of $75,000. The case is set to be called again on August 5.

Mob beats, slashes cop trying to make arrest

An angry mob beat and slashed a traffic policeman at around 18.45 hrs yesterday after he had attempted to arrest an unlicenced motorist in Alexander Street, Kitty.

Police Constable Roderick Mc Donald, who is seconded to the Kitty Police Station, was punched and slashed under the chin with a broken bottle by the civilians, including a few women.

He was treated at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), along with an unidentified man who was said to be one of the assailants.

According to reports, Mc Donald was in the vicinity of Alexander Street, Kitty, when he stopped an unlicenced motorist.

Kaieteur News understands that as the constable was about to arrest the traffic offender, some civilians who were nearby began to berate the rank. According to a source, a man who was with the group walked up to Constable Mc Donald and said: “Me ain afraid of no (expletive) police.”

The policeman reportedly then informed the man that he was under arrest and it was at that point that the other civilians attacked him.

Kaieteur News was told that ranks from the Kitty Police Station rescued their beaten colleague and also arrested one of his assailants, who was subsequently taken to the GPHC to be treated for minor injuries.

It is unclear whether the unlicenced motorist was detained.

Attorney seeks separate trial for corporal charged over station diary

A separate trial is being sought for the police corporal jointly charged with Cadet Officer Franz Paul with attempting to pervert the course of justice in the April 30, Alex Griffith shooting.

Sandil Kissoon, attorney for Corporal Baichand Singh, yesterday urged the court to hear his client’s case separate from Paul’s. He said that the joint hearing will unconsciously influence Singh’s matter, which he described as independent and relating only to evidence in a station diary. He further suggested that the case be sent to the Chief Magistrate for re-assignment.

Franz Paul

In addition to the joint charge he faces with Singh, Paul is charged with discharging a loaded firearm at the 15-year-old Griffith with intent to maim, disfigure or cause bodily harm, to which he pleaded not guilty.

He was also charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm and unlawful assault and pleaded not guilty to those charges as well.

Baichand Singh

At the time of the incident, Paul was said to have been personally investigating a robbery committed on his sister. Griffith, who the police believed was a witness to the robbery, was picked up for questioning.

Griffith had told Stabroek News that he had been at a friend’s home when a robbery occurred outside. Though he had been unable to see what had transpired, he said, two van-loads of policemen later went to his East La Penitence Squatting area home to question him about the identities of the robbers.

He said he told the ranks that he was unaware of the robbers’ identities but was still taken from his home, placed in one of the vehicles and driven around the area. He said the vehicle eventually stopped in front of the home of one of the suspected robbers in the East La Penitence area.

However, the person was not at home. He alleged that Paul forced him from the police vehicle and ordered him to lie on the ground, where in an effort to glean information, he played Russian roulette.

Griffith was shot in the mouth and subsequently dropped off at the hospital by the ranks who left shortly afterwards.

Paul had been denied bail on two of the charges, but this was later granted in the High Court.

Singh is also on bail.

The case will continue on July 21, when the prosecution is expected to reply to the application.

Essequibo rice farmers’ group head, secretary slapped with more charges

Chairman of the Essequibo Paddy Farmers’ Associa-tion and the body’s secretary were yesterday slapped with additional charges when appeared before Magistrate Sunil Scarce at the Charity Magistrate’s Court.

The men, Naith Ram and Taij Persaud Seecharan, were among those who were charged on Tuesday last with riotous behaviour after they had staged a protest and later burned tyres and blocked the Land of Plenty Public Road.

The police say that on July 4 at Land of Plenty, Ram intentionally exposed his genitals. They further alleged that he unlawfully assaulted Jezel John, a police officer, on the same date. Ram, who is 53 years old, was represented by Hemraj Rajkumar and pleaded not guilty to both charges.

In his application for reasonable bail, Rajkumar said that his client is not a flight risk and will attend his trial. Ram was granted self-bail on the assault charge and $30,000 bail on the indecent exposure charge.

Meanwhile, Seecharan was charged with unlawfully assaulting Taleshwar Singh. He was also represented by Rajkumar and pleaded not guilty.

Seecharan told the magistrate, “me en even know who name so, Sir.” Rajkumar told the court that his 54-year-old client is a pastor and a rice farmer and is not a flight risk.

Magistrate Scarce granted Seecharan bail in the sum of $10,000.

Both men were ordered to return to court on August 5 when their trials will commence.

Investigation into Lusignan teen slaying still ‘active’ – Crime Chief

Police are still to make an arrest in the murder of Lusignan teenager Ashmini Harriram and according to Crime Chief Leslie James it is “an active investigation”.

Updating the media last evening James said “we are working with what we have at the moment…we will always investigate thoroughly.”

Asked if it was a robbery, he said they are investigating the initial report they received. The initial

Relatives and mourers at the funeral service for 18-year-old Ashmini Harriram who was shot dead last Thursday shortly after her $15,000 cell phone was snatched from her hand. The service was held at her home following which she was cremated at Good Hope. Seated in this photo are her mother Khemwattie Samaroo and her two sisters.

report was that the gunman first snatched Harriram’s cellular phone before shooting her in the head.

According to James, as information becomes available to the police, they will investigate.

The 18-year-old cosmetologist was close to her Lusignan Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara home when she was shot.

Her cousin Fiona Samaroo, who was with her at the time, said they were walking along the roadway when a man exited a car with a gun, walked straight up to Harriram and grabbed the phone and shot her. Samaroo said she was unclear how many other persons were in the car as she only saw the gunman, who was holding a “small gun.” She said she was so shocked that she didn’t pay much attention to the man or the car as it drove off.

She said after Harriram was shot she was bleeding so much that she was unable to determine which part of her face the bullet had struck.

An eyewitness had recounted that as the two young woman were walking on the roadway, a burgundy car drove pass and stopped a short distance away. As they approached the vehicle a man came out of the front passenger side and walked straight up the teen. The eyewitness said the man snatched the phone Harriram was holding to her ear before walking back to the car. However, he turned back took three steps, placed a gun under her chin and pulled the trigger.

Relatives have since told this newspaper that while it is unclear what the motive was, they knew she had no problems with anyone which could have resulted in such a cruel death.

Five BK workers charged with theft

Five employees who were accused of stealing over $1 million in spare parts from BK International were released on bail yesterday after a charge of larceny was read to them in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

Represented by Attor-ney Paul Fung-A-Fat, Tyron Ghani, Trevor Collette, Sanjay Ramjet, Kirk Innis and Wole Archer appeared before Magistrate Faith McGusty. They were not required to plead to the indictable charge.

It is alleged that between June 6 and July 12 in Georgetown, the employees stole one Mack Truck computer box valued at $1.2 million.

Fung-A-Fat asked that the Administration of Justice Act be applied because he believed that the court was equipped enough to deal with the matter.

However, this was rejected by Prosecutor Seon Blackman,

Tyron Ghani

who indicated that there are more charges to be filed against the men pending an ongoing investigation into the theft of items amounting to $40 million.

In his application for bail, Fung-A-Fat outlined that there was no evidence to support the allegations made against his clients. According to him, his clients who were held since Friday were not subjected to an ID parade and they all had unblemished records as employees of the company.

Kirk Innis

Blackman opposed Fung-A-Fat’s application positing that an ID parade was not necessary and suggesting that there was a risk of the men fleeing if released on bail. He also referred to the value of the items as another ground to be considered for the refusal of bail; the nature of the crime and the punishment the crime attracts. He then argued that if bail is granted, it should be of a substantial amount.

Wole Archer

The employees were consequently granted bail in the sum of $250,000 each and are required to report to CID headquarters every Monday.

It was related to the court that the men have been employed by the company for a substantial amount of time.

Fung-A-Fat, listing the particulars of his clients said that Ghani, 20, of 712 Tuschen, an excavator operator, has worked for the company for the past six years. Collette, 30, of Parfaite Harmonie, who is married with two children, is a mechanic and has worked for the company for over 12 years. Another mechanic, Ramjet, 23, of Canal Number 2 Polder, who has a wife and a baby, has been with the company for four years. Archer, 41, with a wife and numerous children and of 34 Public Road, Friendship is also a mechanic and has been working with the company for two years. Lastly, Kirk Innis, 32, of Canvas City, Wismar, Linden has been working as a driver for six months.

The men will return to court on August 4 for the filing of statements.

Trevor Collette








Sanjay Ramjet




Armed bandit shot dead on Sheriff St

An Agricola youth was yesterday shot dead moments after he snatched a bag of money from a licensed firearm holder who was at the time making a purchase at Ramchand Auto Spares on Sheriff Street.

Kevin Fields

The relatives of Kevin Fields, 21, of Titus Street identified his remains at the Lyken’s Funeral Home around 4 pm. Stabroek News later visited the East Bank Demerara community but when his relatives were approached, they opted not to comment.

The money and a .32 Taurus revolver with five matching rounds that Fields was reportedly armed with were found near his body. His accomplice who was on a CG motorcycle managed to elude capture. Crime Chief Leslie James said last evening that ranks were still looking for that person.

Police later said in a press release that at around 12:00 hrs a businessman went to Ramchand Auto Spares to transact business, “when a man armed with a firearm entered and took away a bag containing $1.7M.”

The release said that the armed man then ran outside and towards a motorcycle that was being ridden by an accomplice, pursued by the businessman. The armed man discharged a round and the businessman, who is a licensed firearm holder, returned fire hitting the armed man to his neck.

His accomplice managed to escape, the release said, adding that in addition to the money bag and the weapon, police also recovered a spent shell from the scene.

Many curious persons who gathered to get a glimpse of the bloody corpse which was sprawled at the side of Sheriff Street, a few metres from the Duncan Street intersection, applauded the businessman for his bravery.

Kevin Fields posed with piles of money, a bank card, a paper with the words firearm licence printed at the top, a can of Red Bull and a Heineken bottle on his Facebook page.

Stabroek News was told that a short while earlier, the man had transacted business at a city bank. Thereafter he proceeded to the Sheriff Street establishment in a taxi. It is suspected that the man was trailed from the bank. Police have often urged businesspersons to desist from moving around with large amounts of cash and to use bank cards instead.

Eyewitnesses recalled seeing the bandit running out of the store with the businessman in hot pursuit. In the vicinity of Duncan Street, he jumped onto a waiting CG motorcycle but it appears as though when it pulled off he fell off. One eyewitness told the media that it was this point that the bandit discharged a round at the businessman who then pulled a gun from his waist and discharged a single bullet which struck the bandit.

A man who was working in the area at the time recalled hearing a gunshot followed by a few seconds of silence then another gunshot. He said that when he investigated he saw a man lying on the roadway with a silver coloured gun nearby. He said that he then saw a man who he later learnt had been robbed by the shot man jump into a silver grey motorcar which took off at top speed. The car was headed south on Sheriff Street.

The man said that he later learnt that the man who had boarded the car was in pursuit of the dead man’s accomplice but he did not find him. He said that police arrived on the scene about ten minutes after the shooting had occurred.

Owner of the auto spares store, Ramchand Ragbeer told reporters at the scene that the businessman, who is a regular customer, went to make a purchase. He recalled that he was sitting in his office while the man was being tended to when he heard someone shouting “thief”. Based on what this newspaper gathered it was the customer who was shouting.

Ragbeer said that shortly after that the customer started running behind a man who by then had snatched the grey coloured bag he had. He said that they both ran out of the store and he later leant that the bandit jumped onto a waiting motorcycle.

Kevin Fields

Ragbeer said that he has surveillance cameras at his business. The footage could be of importance to investigators. He said that previously a customer was robbed at the store but on that occasion no firearm was involved.

Asked for his reaction to the incident, the businessman said that it highlights the need for a police presence in the area especially at the Duncan Street/Sheriff Street intersection and a camera on the traffic light. “That [the camera] would have helped. I think this would have given a better image if they had a camera.”

He said that he is happy that the licensed firearm holder was able to defend himself.

Persons who knew Fields personally told this newspaper that he was a known troublemaker. They said that although his relatives urged him to change his ways, he still continued.

On his Facebook page there were numerous photographs with him posing with large sums of money. In one of the photographs he appeared to be lying on a bed. Near him were several piles of money, a bank card, a paper with the words firearm licence printed at the top, a can of Red Bull and a Heineken bottle. Another showed him wearing a large gold chain

He last updated his page on July 8.

City money-changer fined for counterfeit $$$

…exonerated on two other charges

A 65-year-old America Street money changer who was last year arrested by the police during a sting operation was yesterday fined by a city Magistrate for being in possession of counterfeit money.

Dennis Yarris

Dennis Yarris of Cooper and Sussex Streets, Albouystown, Georgetown, appeared before Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on three charges.
The first charge against him detailed that on April 11, 2013 at Kitty, Georgetown, he had forged currency purporting to be US$100 and two EUR$50 notes in his car despite knowing them to be forged.
The police had claimed too that he had in his possession forged currency, a US$50 and two $1000 notes; despite knowing them to be forged. He was accused too of uttering to a Detective Corporal US$3,800 and US$50 counterfeit currencies.
Last year, police acting on “sensitive information received”, conducted a sting operation.
It was previously reported that between March 28 and April 11, 2013, Corporal Roopnarine engaged Dennis Yarris and two others, in discussions. During those discussions, the defendants sought the assistance of Corporal Roopnarine, who would operate as a boat captain, so that they could transport a quantity of “weed” from Guyana to Barbados.
On April 11, the defendants along with Corporal Roopnarine were in motorcar, PPP 8866, when they were intercepted at Coldingen Public Road.
A search was conducted and the illicit substance was discovered. The suspects were arrested and taken to the police station where they were then charged for the said offence.
Further probes had led to Harris being charged for uttering forged currencies and being in possession of forged currency. He had purportedly offered the Corporal an envelope with forged money as payment in the operation.
When he and his car were searched, more forged currencies were found and he was subsequently charged.
The trial for the drug trafficking charge is ongoing at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court.
Yarris was last year formally charged and a trial was conducted before Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.
At yesterday’s hearing, the Prosecution spearheaded by Corporal Deniro Jones closed its case, stating that it had proven beyond reasonable doubt that Yarris had committed the offences for which he was charged.
Jones urged the Magistrate to convict Yarris, citing that the Prosecution had proven every element of the offence.
The Prosecutor called upon the caution statement and the unsworn testimony of the accused as well as the testimonies offered by witnesses before the court. Jones asked the court to accept his confession statement as freely and voluntarily given to the police.
Corporal Jones beseeched the court to find the defendant guilty as charged.
Responding, Magistrate McLennan stated that she had considered the Prosecution’s evidence on account of the three charges, the no case submission made by his defence attorney Peter Hugh, as well as the Prosecution’s response.
On account of the first charge, she indicated that the court was satisfied that the money was forged but it was yet to be proven that it was Yarris’s. Doubt had risen, she said, because there was evidence showing that there were other persons in the vehicle.
The court ruled that the Prosecution had failed to prove that case and it was dismissed.
In response to the second charge, she said that the court believes that the currency was forged and that she accepted his confession statement. The court had found that he had knowledge and possession of the money which was found in his wallet.
Yarris, she said, was in custody and control of the money, so he was guilty as charged.
For uttering a forged document, she said that the envelope which contained the currency was indeed in his custody but the court was not convinced that the essential for such an offence was proven, since there was nothing that indicated that he had seen what was concealed therein.
She said that the Prosecution had failed to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt and it was dismissed.
Harris had entered a mitigation plea through his lawyer asking for the court to consider a non-custodial sentence, since this was his first time before the courts.
Hugh said that his client does have a matter at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court which arose from the same circumstance, but that is of a different nature.
“Given his age and that he has had no antecedent, I am humbly asking the court to exercise discretion and impose a non-custodial sentence.”
Magistrate McLennan fined him $60,000 which, failing to pay by July 1, will result in nine months’ imprisonment.