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Sawmill supervisor’s murder…Prosecution closes case in PI

State witnesses have finished giving evidence at the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) of the man accused of killing a 22-year-old sawmill supervisor, whose body was found at Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara, over a year ago.

Murder Accused: Raymond Tyson

Raymond Shawn Tyson, 28, is accused of murdering Kemraj Singh at Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara between May 27 and May 28, last year.
Singh’s body was reportedly found lying on a bed in a shack at his employer’s sawmill. His throat had a gaping wound and he had been struck repeatedly to the head.
The Prosecution had related at the first arraignment that Singh’s death had stemmed from previous grudges, and that Singh’s employer had discovered that the victim’s BlackBerry cellular phone had been stolen.
The phone’s internet service was activated and contact was made with a male. However, it was later discovered that the accused was in possession of the said cellular phone, as his ex-reputed wife saw him with the said phone on May 28, 2013.
Tyson had allegedly pawned the BlackBerry to the woman’s sister, who reportedly gave the instrument to her husband. The cellular phone was subsequently retrieved and the accused was arrested, but when questioned, Tyson refused to divulge how he came to be in possession of the phone.
When confronted by investigators he had denied killing Singh.
It was after the file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice that the murder charge was instituted against Tyson.
The last witness to appear in court yesterday as the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) continued was Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Communications Officer Liz Rahaman, who stated that she had sent out radio messages at the Police Prosecutor Inspector Michael Grant’s behest for absent witnesses.
A total of 22 witnesses were slated to give evidence during the (PI) before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.
Photos and other pieces of evidence have already been tendered as evidence.
Following Rahaman’s testimony yesterday, the Prosecution moved to close its case, having made several attempts to contact witnesses prior to the hearing yesterday.
Attorney-at-Law Kendaise Rodney, who represented the accused, is set to make submissions on July 4.

PCA investigating 30 new complaints against cops in Berbice

The Police Complaints Authority has launched investigations into 30 new matters involving alleged police misconduct in the Berbice District.
The investigations stem from complaints made by residents when the Chairman of the body Cecil Kennard paid a visit to the Ancient County over the past weekend.

PCA Chairman Cecil Kennard

Kennard, a Former Chancellor of the Judiciary, reported a large turnout of residents on Saturday at the Berbice High School where he entertained complaints ranging from Neglect of Duty, which takes into account the police’s failure to record citizens’ complaints and failure to attend court.
Speaking with this newspaper yesterday, Kennard said that there were also several accusations by Berbicians of the police “illegally” searching their homes.
“There are cases where people feel that their homes are violated by the police…while in some cases the police have the right to search, the people have no objections, but it’s the way it’s done…lack of courtesy and the use of expletives when carrying out these searches,” Kennard explained.
He said that during his visit to Berbice he also held discussions with a large number of ranks at the police training college, where he spoke about the role and functions of his office.
During these discussions, he highlighted areas of grave concerns, including the police’s use of excessive force and the wanton use of firearms.
The Former Chancellor also pointed to the vexing issue of the police’s detention of vehicles when there is no certifying officer to examine them, as well as the detention of persons beyond the statutory 72 hours, without permission from the competent authority.
Kennard announced that from the look of things, Berbice is second only to Region Four as the area that accounts for the most complaints against police ranks.
His next visit will be to Moruca.

Alleged torture in Sparendaam lock-ups… Criminal charges likely for Constable, Inspector

Junior Thornton, who was allegedly tortured by the police.

Two police ranks, including an Inspector, could appear before the court this week if the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) follows the recommendations of the Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA), in the matter involving the alleged torture of former detainee at the Sparendaam Police Station, Junior Thornton.
PCA Chairman Cecil Kennard had last week recommended criminal charges for two of the ranks following an extensive investigation that was conducted by the Police Office of Professional Responsibility.
This newspaper understands that it was recommended that one rank, a Constable who allegedly inflicted the injury on Thornton, be charged with Inflicting Grievous Bodily Harm, while the Inspector is likely to be charged with Attempting to Perverting the Course of Justice.
There are reports that an attempt was made by the Inspector, acting on behalf of the rank directly involved in the alleged torture, to compensate Thornton for his injuries, by offering his father $100,000.
But when questioned about this, Attorney at law Dexter Todd, who is representing the interest of Thornton’s relatives, had told reporters, “I believe that the $100,000, based on my instructions, was given to assist him with his transportation, and not as one to not allow the course of justice to take its rightful course and for the police to investigate this matter, so I don’t know of that.”
There are also likely to be departmental charges for a few other ranks who were on duty on May 27 last when the incident allegedly occurred.
Thorton’s hands with allegedly doused with methylated spirits and set alight while he was in custody at the Sparendaam Police Station lock-ups.
He had been picked up for loitering.
Although Thornton was released the following day, the police kept the matter under wraps and it was only after relatives of the injured man reported it to the Police Complaints Authority that an investigation was launched.
There was a slight hiccup in the matter when the PCA Chairman reported that he had been unable to properly review the file because the police had sent it to him minus the medical report.
That issue was subsequently rectified and he was eventually able to make his recommendations.
A check with the DPP’s Chambers yesterday confirmed that the matter is being looked at with a view to advising the police on the way forward.
So far the only casualty has been an Assistant Superintendent of Police who served as the Sub-Divisional Officer, who has been ignominiously transferred to the Canine Section.

OP staffer for court on theft charges

Azeem Khan (L) with Dr. Luncheon

Azeem Khan, an assistant to Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon, and a staff member at the Office of the President (OP) should be heading to the court today.
Khan, who was in police custody at the Kitty Police Station up to last night, is accused of stealing items worth in excess of $1M from a general store some time last week.
According to information received, the R & D Variety Store owned by Rudolph Dyal is attached to the OP staffer’s apartment. It is believed that Khan entered the store through a connecting door several times last week and removed the items.
One police rank claimed that the young man had “gone shopping after hours”.
He was arrested on Monday after he failed to repay Dyal for the articles or to return them.
In the absence of Kwame McCoy, Khan would assist Dr. Luncheon during his weekly press conferences.

Body of unidentified man found in cemetery

Do you know this man?

With the word, “Praises” tattooed on his left hand along with the face of a lion, and “Smile now” inked on the other, the body of a man of African descent was found in a clump of bushes at Le Repentir Cemetery.
The discovery was made by cemetery workers a little before 13:00hrs yesterday. The man was clad in a black pair of pants, green jersey and black sneakers. He was also wearing a light green wrist watch.
He was discovered in a sitting position and there was a bottle of water and a bunch of keys next to the body. The inside of his pockets were out, leading investigators to believe that “thieves don’t even spare the dead.”
Police said that from all indications, the man may have committed suicide by ingesting a poisonous substance since a white substance was seen on his lip, jersey and on his pants.
“The body fresh, it looks like he drink he thing and come sit here,” a police rank related to this newspaper yesterday.
The body is currently at Lyken Funeral Home. Investigations are ongoing.

Orphanage proprietor refutes claims that young boys sodomised

FOLLOWING allegations that a former teen resident of the Berbice Anjuman Orphanage in Philadelphia Street, New Amsterdam had been sodomized, five minors have been taken into protective custody after it was alleged that they had also been sexually violated.

The boys, aged between ten and six, were allegedly forced to perform oral sex on one of their caregivers at the orphanage; and the man accused of committing the dastardly act on the minors has since been placed on $100,000 station bail, after he had been detained by police for several days.

An investigation has since been launched into the reports, and the file containing the alleged victims’ statements has been forwarded to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution for perusal.

In the meanwhile, owner of the orphanage, Mr. Abu Bakkar Mandal, has refuted ‘allegations’ peddled in some sections of the media that a child had been sodomized at the orphanage.

The Canadian citizen has also claimed to be unaware of the reasons why officials from the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA) took custody of the five boys, who are all under ten years old.
Mandal invited sections of the print media at the Orphanage in order to ‘clear the air’, after the June 5 edition of the Kaieteur News had published the article under the caption, “Students flee New Amsterdam Orphanage, claim sexual assault.’

The apparently disturbed Mandal said one of his charges named Akash had raised allegations of being sexually molested, “but that is not true”, he emphasized.

“After (Akash) had left the orphanage, he subsequently returned on May 23, last with a female plainclothes police officer. He was asked to identify where the incident occurred, and he pointed to a spot beside his bed. He was asked at what time the incident occurred, and he responded 7pm. He was asked if he liked it, and he responded no. He was then asked by the officer if Mr. Deen [the Manager] was on his back, and he responded ‘no’.

According to Mandal, the teen claimed to have been asleep during the assault, and confessed to not being violated by the manager.
However, following that confrontation, which was held in the presence of other officials within the orphanage, Mandal said he decided to hold a personal investigation into the matter, and discovered that ‘Akash’ had not been at the institution on the date of the alleged assault.

“Akash was to be the Muezzin who was scheduled to do the Azan (prayer), but he did not, and instead I heard another child saying the prayers, and on inquiring I was told that Akash left the compound and headed in an eastern direction with a red bicycle.

“A few days later, his step father came and reported that someone had beaten Akash. At no time did he say the child was sexually molested.

“On May 27, his mother Surajdai Premraj came and collected a younger sister who was also staying here. When she signed for the children’s release, she did not make any allegation of sexual misconduct. I was very surprised when I saw the article in the Kaieteur News. No one came to investigate; they just took out some pictures and wrote the story.

“I am aware that (there is) a medical report which supports the allegations, but it did not happen here, it happened somewhere else….”
A report from the Vryman’s Erven Secondary School, where the teen is a student, revealed that the teen has behavioural problems. The student has very poor cognitive ability, and cannot cope with classroom teaching.

Additionally, it was noted that the student is always mentally preoccupied and confused during contact sessions, and exhibits qualities of an introvert. He can be violent when provoked.

However, it was recommended that the teen needed to be taught the basic concept using pictures and colours, and should be encouraged to socialize, the report concluded.

Responding to questions posed by this reporter, Mandal said he drove to the Special Needs School in New Amsterdam on May 28, accompanied by the secretary. He said he drove to where he had intended to uplift two students of that institution, but after some delay, he was informed by a teacher that officials from the welfare department had taken them into custody.

“No one had informed the Orphanage. We subsequently made searches, but came up empty-handed. I then left to pick up students from the St Aloysius Primary School. During this period I received a call on my mobile phone, informing me to visit the Office of the Child Care and Protection Agency in New Amsterdam. On visiting, I was told that three additional children are in protective care.

‘I was then told why the children were in protective custody. I was told that ‘Akash’ made some allegations against the manager’.

“Nevertheless, despite the allegations, I and my manager are willing to submit ourselves to an polygraph test to prove our innocence’, he concluded.

A source close to the investigation informed this reporter that the police file is currently gaining the attention of the Director of Public Prosecution .
However, the source denied that the alleged victim was questioned in the presence of the staff of the orphanage. Instead, the teen was asked to identify the area where he was sexually violated, and ‘he pointed to the second bed’ the source emphasized’.

Currently the alleged perpetrator is on $100,000 station bail, after being detained for seventy-two hours

In addition, this newspaper was reliably informed that the five boys who were taken from two schools within the New Amsterdam environs were confirmed to have been sexually violated.

The under-aged boys reported that the named manager forced them to have oral sex with him. The alleged victims have since been taken into protective custody and are currently out of the jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, a senior official from one of the schools observed that her charges were “once happy and extraverted children, but since the alleged incident, one has become withdrawn’

(By Jeune Bailey-Vankeric)

‘Put some wheels on your heels’

Senior Superintendent Stephen Mansell flanked by Superintendent Seseupaul Jhagroo and Assistant Superintendent Guy Nurse at the community meeting at Plegt Anker, some eighteen miles from New Amsterdam

–Deputy Police Commander tells Berbice women in abusive relationships

IN an effort to foster good relations with residents of rural and depressed communities, the ‘B’ Division police continue to reach out to the village folks by meeting and listening to their concerns and implementing programmes that will benefit them.
On Tuesday, Deputy Commander and Senior Superintendent Stephen Mansell led a team of officers, including the officer-in-charge of the No. One sub-division, Assistant Superintendent Guy Nurse, and Superintendent of Court Seseupaul Jhagroo, to the village of Plegt Anker which is located some eighteen miles from New Amsterdam, to hold discussions with residents of that community.In delivering opening remarks at the Plegt Anker

At the community meeting at the Plegt Anker School

school, Mr. Mansell stated that the ‘B’ Division Police administration is exploring means that will better the lives of those who are ‘beyond reach’ and address their concerns to create room for trust and intelligence gathering.
He urged them to be vociferous against crimes such as the narcotic trade, the establishment of illegal liquor shops and spousal abuse, which is an issue of grave national concern.
The Deputy Commander urged the womenfolk and the neighbourhood in general not to condone any act of domestic violence. He reminded them that it is their duty to be ‘watch dogs’ of their community and report all forms of spousal transgressions so that the police can take action.

While recounting a number of cases where domestic violence led to the death of women, Mansell said that perpetrators need help so as to curtail their violent tendencies and their actions must be reported, so that the relevant steps can be taken to assist them or deter such practices.
“Domestic violence is as big as a gun crime because one slap or punch can initiate murder. I say to those women who live in denial and often defend their abusive spouses…. you or your family will be sorry in the future,” he cautioned.
The Deputy Commander then explained that once incidents of domestic violence are not reported to the police, there is a likelihood of a recurrence. He added: “There is a cycle which domestic violence takes, the first stage of that cycle is the ‘honeymoon’ stage where the perpetrator ‘sweet talks’ the woman to calm her down after abusing her; then sometime after there is tension again where the violent behaviour is manifested; and finally there will be the grand explosion,” he informed.

The Senior Superintendent pointed out that many women remain in abusive relationships because they have children to maintain and a need for financial resources and probably low self-esteem.
“Women, do not stay in abusive relationships! Put wheels on your heels and run! Lift your self-esteem, and engage yourself meaningfully and become independent!” he implored.
Assistant Superintendent Nurse also echoed the remarks made by his superior and reminded the gathering about the effects of domestic violence.
“It is a very serious issue that leads to a breakdown in communities and it has rippling effects where children often take an example from the perpetrators, which may not only be physical but also verbal,” he stated.
In the absence of the national police and a Community Policing Group (CPG) in the upper East Bank of Berbice district, the ‘B’ Division senior officers proposed the establishment of a group that will create a network with the Sisters Village Police Station (also on the East Bank) where ranks there will relate to the Divisional Headquarters in New Amsterdam, since domestic violence is becoming prevalent in that part of the country.

Last Thursday, 15-year-old student Tamesha La Toya Adams was knifed to death in Sisters Village by her spurned lover who later committed suicide. The ‘B’ Division police want to put and end to this ill practice through community support.

(By Michael Khan)


Middle Road accident …

Dead: Joseph Quallis

Post-mortem reveals child suffered brain, other injuries

A POST-mortem examination performed on the body of seven-year-old Joseph Quallis on Monday has revealed that besides injuries to the brain, he also suffered a broken neck, broken ribs and backbone, and fractured hands and feet.

The St. Pius Primary School pupil was killed when a speeding car pinned him against a fence on Middle Road, La Penitence last Thursday.

The seven-year-old was pinned between this car and the fence on the ill-fated afternoon

The driver of motor car PPP 5931, Jermaine Carrol, 28, of Stevedore Housing Scheme, also appeared on Monday before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry to answer the charge of causing death by dangerous driving, as well as driving a vehicle which did not have its third party insurance, in force.

The motorist, who pleaded not guilty to both charges, was refused bail and remanded to prison until July 4.

The dead child’s parents, Andre Quallis and Shelly-Ann Hutson, told the Chronicle Tuesday evening that they were hoping to bury their son by weekend, but they also expressed disappointment that the owner of the motor vehicle has not yet taken any responsibility for anything in relation to the child’s death.

The child’s deeply distraught father said, “All we’re getting is promises, promises, and nothing tangible…

‘I want to know who will repair my fence’ – Irate property owner

“Instead, we understand that a section of the media has published that the owner had promised to look after expenses for the wake. Well, I want to say that that is a lie from the pit of hell.”

He said the owner of the car had promised to meet with the bereaved family on Tuesday, but failed to show up. And when contacted on Wednesday,the man said, “Tomorrow!”, but could not decide on the time of day.

Meanwhile, the woman against whose fence the car had crashed and destroyed little Joseph Quallis is peeved that to date, neither the owner of the car nor the driver’s relatives have come forward to tell her anything about repairs to her property.

“The fence has been torn down, and is just parked by old zinc sheets. In the meantime, the security of my home is threatened. I want to know who will repair my fence,” the woman said.
On June 12, seven-year-old Joseph Quallis was rammed and pinned against a fence on Middle Road, La Penitence by Jermaine Carrol, who drove motor vehicle PPP 5931 dangerously, resulting in the death of the child.

(Shirley Thomas


Drunken driver slapped with 10 charges

–after death of three victims

MOTORIST Nakesh Persaud appeared at the Springlands Magistrate’s Court to answer to ten traffic violation charges, including three counts of causing death by dangerous driving.He was not required to plead to the charges, which stemmed from an accident on Wednesday, June 11, at Phillipi Village, Corentyne.

Persaud, called Romel and ‘Fat Boy’, allegedly caused the death of 19-year-old Tabitha Bagot; her sister Wanita, aged 17 years; and their three-year-old niece Shamaine Cort.

Police have instituted three counts each of failing to render assistance and failing to stop after an accident, and one count of driving under the influence of alcohol.

At the Court, former Magistrate Mr Krishendat Persaud held the brief for Attorney-at-law Rodwel Jugmohan, while the case was prosecuted by Police Corporal Althea Soloman.

Presiding Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh upheld the prosecution’s objection to bail and remanded the defendant to the New Amsterdam Prison until July 2.

Almost naked man taken to station after found in house with teen

EIGHTEEN-year-old Deraj Persaud was taken “as is” to the Sisters Police Station, East Bank Berbice after his girlfriend’s mother found him aback her house in the neighbouring Brother’s Village, East Bank Berbice almost naked.

Persaud told the Guyana Chronicle that his 16-year-old friend, Fabiola, had invited him to the home on Sunday to watch a movie, but her mother returned home shortly afterwards, forcing her to usher him through the back door while she rushed to open the front door to admit her agitated mother.

Speaking with a Trinidadian accent acquired from living in the twin-island republic for six months, Persaud recalled: “After I was pushed out by Fabiola I went and hid, but Kishan, the young man who was chosen to marry Fabiola, found me. He had returned with the girl’s mother. He found me.

“He held onto me and shouted, ‘Auntie Kutie, I get a surprise for you.’”

Referring to Fabiola’s mother as Aunty Kutie, Persaud said, “She came and called on her son to bring a piece of wood. In the meantime, she started to cuff me across my face. I pleaded with her son not to bring the wood, but he did, and she lashed me across my head and face. I started to scream for help, but no one came to my rescue.

“Kishan viced me and pulled me into the house. She asked for a cutlass, but her son did not bring it. Aunty Kutie asked her daughter, ‘How many times you and this boy had sex?’ She said, ‘We did not have sex’. (Auntie Kutie) started to beat her, and the girl started to cry.

“‘Oh you crying?’ Auntie Kutie shouted. You crying because you man getting beat up?’ You all tek off you clothes!’” she demanded.

Persaud said he was afraid, as blood was flowing from the wounds on his head and face, and so he complied by undressing, but kept on his underpants.

“She continued to beat me before walking with me to the Sisters Police Station. I was taken there in my underwear,” he said.

A report was subsequently made, and the matter was transferred to the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam, were a medical form was issued.

A visit to the New Amsterdam Hospital resulted in a medical certificate being issued in Persaud’s favour. Persaud intends to have the matter prosecuted. He said he sustained seven blunt traumas to the head and right eye; lacerations to the head; and abrasions to the face, abdomen and mouth.
Investigations are continuing.