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Police commence riot training for possible General Elections

The Guyana Police Force has commenced training of its ranks in preparation for possible general elections in the near future.

Riot police engaging a group of protestors following the 2011 General Elections.

With the imminent No Confidence Motion likely to result in the shortening of the life of the tenth parliament, there is every possibility that there could be general elections sometime early next year and the police are ensuring that they are not caught napping.
This newspaper was reliably informed that ranks from the police East Coast Demerara (C) Division have already commenced public order (riot) training under senior officers from the Tactical Services Unit.
The training, which commenced last week at the Divisional Headquarters, Cove and John, is being done in batches.
Apart from physical training, the ranks are being prepared to deal with crowd control and crowd estimates among other basics.
In the past, the police have come in for severe criticism in relation to their handling of potentially riotous situations, especially in the aftermath of General Elections since 1992.
Following the last general elections, the police were forced to discharge rounds at a group of marchers, including former Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Brigadier Eddward Collins and Attorney at Law James Bond, a move that was widely criticized.
They also came in for criticism for their handling of demonstrations in Linden two years ago when three persons were shot dead.
It is expected that the force will adjust its training to eliminate the previous encounters.

Security officials participate in third CBSI funded training

Port security representatives at the training course14

The US Embassy recently facilitated a week-long workshop on auditing management systems aimed at strengthening port security, in partnership with the US Coast Guard and MARAD.

The training funded through the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) helps strengthen capacity and provide practical skills to relevant security officials working in this critically important area, the embassy said in a press release.

It forms part of a cooperative effort between the US and Guyana to improve global maritime transport security and represents the third of four courses delivered to local officials from multiple agencies.

The workshop was based on international standards for auditing and will assist employees of the port, customs, port police, health, the local coast guard and Maritime Administration of Guyana (MARAD) to perform effective inspections and audits and ensure that ports remain secure.

“Secure ports reduce the risk of threats to the shipping community which in turn keeps the price of shipped goods lower by potentially reducing insurance costs to shippers, and reducing the time it takes to get cargo in and out of Guyana’s ports,” the statement said.

The efforts of the newly trained auditors will strengthen the security of Guyana’s ports by identifying security vulnerabilities and developing solutions through the auditing of security management practices.

The workshop closed last week.

According to the embassy, through such CBSI collaborations, the US and Guyana seek to enhance the bilateral relationship to create a partnership to combat transnational crime, develop strong security institutions in Guyana and advance the safety and security of its citizens.