NA man reportedly kills childmother, then attempts suicide

Eighteen-year-old Onicka Greaves who was reportedly murdered by her former lover. (Photo courtesy of Gordon Moseley)

AN 18-year-old girl was reportedly stabbed to death on Monday night by her 48-year-old former lover, whom she had separated from about a week ago, after being together for more than two years and from which union, a child was conceived. The child is now four months old.

According to reports, Onicka Greaves was fatally stabbed by Robert Sandy, her former lover, who then attempted suicide by drinking a poisonous substance. However, he managed to survive and was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital by relatives where he is under police guard.
Speaking with this publication, the murdered girl’s mother, Abiola Greaves, said that her daughter had ended the relationship with the man and moved to Georgetown the same week, but he had been calling her and threatening that “something will happen” if she should go with someone else.
She also stated that the baby was left in her care but she never took the man’s threats seriously. However, she related that Sandy deceived her daughter by telling her that the baby was sick and she should return to see what was happening.
“After coming back to New Amsterdam without informing me, I heard someone was screaming loudly but I did not know where it was coming from. As I rushed downstairs I saw him stabbing my daughter continuously, the neighbours then came over to offer me some help but the man had already disappeared. With the help of my neighbour we then took her to the hospital where she was alive,” the mother related.
She said that while she was at the hospital watching at her daughter, she felt that something would happen. “I was at the hospital whole night hoping for my daughter to be alive but as the doctors continued to fight for her life, I was told that she died. She died early Tuesday morning (yesterday). Words cannot express how I’m feeling, I will have to take care of the baby now,” the mother lamented.
However, a relative of Sandy who wants to remain anonymous said that he had told her that Greaves had left him, noting that the man was then acting strangely. “I heard when Sandy was threatening Abiola over the phone – he was telling her that ‘if he can’t get she, nobody cannot get she.’ I warned him about the threats and he kept telling me that nothing would not happen. I’m very surprised and shocked of his actions because he was never a suicidal type and always having a good relationship,” the relative said.

In another incident on Friday, May 02, reportedly stemming from domestic discord, forty-eight-year-old Chetram Bharrat of Haslington, East Coast Demerara was chopped to death, while his wife, Lomattie Ramdat, 36, sustained several lacerations when two men armed with cutlasses invaded their home. According to reports, Bharrat used to be working in Suriname for long periods while his wife began a relationship with another man without letting him know she had a husband. It is said that the other man was responsible for her husband’s death.