BK trains young people in mining, construction

…offers SKYE Apprentices six-month programme

The BK Group commenced training for 20 young people from the Skills and Knowledge for Youth Empowerment (SKYE) initiative, on Wednesday. This is the third consecutive year that the BK Group is supporting the SKYE initiative.

The BK Group has commenced training for 20 young people from the SKYE initiative.

Last year, ten young people from SKYE were a part of the BK Group Apprenticeship Programme.
The apprentices will be part of a six-month training programme at the company’s quarries for training in varying fields including as heavy duty equipment operators, mechanics, welders, carpenters, and general construction workers.
The SKYE project supports the goals of the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) which seeks to combat the core causes of crime and violence, enhance public safety and security while offering job skills and training to at-risk youths in Guyana.
The apprentices will be paid a monthly stipend, at the minimum wage. They will be provided with meals, accommodation, and laundry services. In addition, while on the training programme, the apprentices will have full access to the company’s club and entertainment facilities located on site.
Before leaving for the BK Quarries in the Mazaruni, the new apprentices met with the company’s Chief Executive Officer Brian Tiwarie at BK’s Kingston Head Office. The group was also briefed by BK Group Marketing and Sales Director Briony Tiwarie.
“The BK Group is pleased to be part of such a beneficial initiative. It is our belief that the apprentices will receive a wealth of knowledge while at the quarries,” said Ms. Tiwarie.
Ms. Tiwarie also noted that much focus will be placed on the apprentices to ensure that they become positive and creative individuals in order to make meaningful contributions to society.
Tiwarie added, “Over the years persons who received training from BK have gone on to earn significant sums in the mining and construction sectors both with BK and other companies, as such, we believe that the best way we could help improve society is by providing useful and valuable training to young people at our facilities.”
SKYE Project Officer, Tomaisha Hendricks, speaking after the briefing said, “We are very excited about this programme. The BK Group has been working with us from the very inception; the company has been one of the few to sign up and to provide the opportunities for training that many of these young people would not otherwise be able to access.”
Hendricks added, “We are also happy that while we are able to provide training for our young people BK is also able to meet some of its manpower needs as the apprentices complete the programme and enter the workforce.”
The SKYE programme supports youth who are secondary school dropouts, youth who have completed formal education but require additional skills in order to gain employment, and youth caught up in the criminal justice system.
The SKYE project is funded by USAID through the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative. It is implemented by the Education Development Centre (EDC), based in Boston and Washington in the USA.