Abducted nine-day-old baby…Woman held by police is not the kidnapper – parents

Police were forced to release a woman after the parents of the abducted nine-day-old infant informed them that she was not the one who disappeared with their baby last Saturday from the Port Mourant Market.

The abducted infant

During an Identification Parade done yesterday, the infant’s parents, Sandra Mc Lean and Ravikant Vistonauth told ranks that the woman they held was not the one who took away their baby.
The woman was taken into custody Wednesday night after ‘D’ Division ranks got word that “a lady looking just like the woman in the picture” was residing in Zeeburg, West Coast Demerara.
The Zeeburg resident not only has similar looks to the kidnapper but also shares the same name.
The kidnapper had informed the infant’s mother that she resides in Suriname, and coincidently, the woman who was taken into custody has connections in the neighbouring country.
When contacted yesterday, acting Commander for ‘D’ Division, Ian Amsterdam said that the arrest was made after detectives were informed about the Zeeburg resident by ranks in Berbice.
The Commander did not say how police got information about the Zeeburg resident but this publication was informed that the woman’s neighbours might have played a part in the process.
Last Saturday, a woman whom Sandra Mc Lean met at the Skeldon Public Hospital several days before she delivered her baby boy, disappeared with the baby.
The woman, whom she identified as one Bibi Khan, was reportedly based in Suriname.
Mc Lean said that she met ‘Khan ‘on May 16, last, at the hospital.
“I was experiencing labour pains and this woman come in and say that she looking for someone name Sandra.
I didn’t say anything because my name is also Sandra, plus I was in pain so my relatives talked to her.
She was kind of short and medium size and she is Indian and she was wearing a Kemar,” the grieving mother recalled

A surveillance camera image of the alleged kidnapper in a store.

Mc Lean said that the woman returned after she had delivered her son.
“She asked to play with the baby. She said that she has to pay him and she put $5000 under his blanket and she lifted him. We were talking and I gave her my address and so. She spent like an hour and then she left.”
According to McLean, the woman did not go back to the hospital.
“I didn’t see her back until she come to my house. She come and played with the baby and she gave him another $5000, and she asked if she can buy stuff for him and I said ‘no problem’ because we were having a nine-day celebration for the baby.”
“When we were in Skeldon, she went into a store and then she come out back and say that my baby brings luck to her because she got through with whatever business she had to do. She said that she had to buy something in a Chinese store but “like after she see the cameras she didn’t go. But I didn’t really suspect anything”.
Afterward, we went to the Port Mourant Market and she said that she wanted fish. She tell me that the baby will be safe with her outside, while I go and buy the fish in the market. But when I come out back she was gone.”
A report was made to law enforcement officers, but the search proved futile.
“We de naming him Avinash. He father ain’t even get to see he, but I know me child if I see him anywhere. He get a slight mark on he knee like a birthmark, and I could never forget that woman.
“I will always remember her face,” the mother said as she noted that she still has hope of finding her son.
Anyone with information regarding the missing infant is asked to contact the nearest police station or contact relatives on telephone numbers, 338-1297 6602651 or 693 9484.