Colwyn Harding on violent robbery charge

- granted $75,000 bail

Colwyn Harding, who filed a hefty lawsuit against the State for alleged torture and constitutional infringements earlier

Accused: Colwyn Harding

this year, appeared yesterday before a senior city Magistrate to face a violent robbery charge for allegedly mugging a woman in front of a popular city store last week.
Harding was charged with violently robbing Cheryl Ann Hope of $30,000 cash and three Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones costing $360,000 at Hadfield Street, last Wednesday.
Before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, he pleaded not guilty and submitted a bail application through his lawyer, Nigel Hughes.
Recapping the incident which led to the charge, Police Prosecutor, Corporal Bharat Mangru explained that Harding and the alleged virtual complainant are acquainted with each other. He said that on the day in question the alleged victim was standing in front of Ashmin’s Store on Hadfield Street when a white car drove by and Harding exited, armed with a cutlass.
The Prosecution claimed that Harding attacked the woman, and dealt her several chops to her hand. As Hope fell, Harding reportedly relieved her of the cash and phones before fleeing the scene.
The court was told that Harding managed to evade the police for days but had later surrendered in the company of his attorney and was subsequently released on station bail.
Objecting to bail, Mangru asked the court to note that the likelihood of Harding tampering with the woman exists, since the two are affiliated.
He also based his objections on the fact that Harding had attempted to evade the police, and stated that he is a flight risk who would not return to face the charge instituted against him.
Applying for bail, Hughes stated that his client was released on station bail and had at no point tried to interfere with Hope. He said too that there are three persons who could verify Harding’s whereabouts at the time of the alleged incident.
The lawyer related that Hope’s co-worker stated that the person who committed the robbery had on a mask, and argued that the police could not point to his client.
The Chief Magistrate granted the defence’s application and Harding was released on bail in the sum of $75,000. The case is set to be called again on August 5.