The no confidence motion if passed could change the political direction in Guyana

Dear Editor,
If as expected, the no confidence motion is passed in Parliament, the government will have to resign but the president will act as the caretaker until the results of the next elections are known. The 2015 general elections will provide voters with a clear choice between three parties, three contrasting styles of governance and three visions of what Guyana should look like in the 21st century.
They will also present three opposing plans and policies for taking our country forward, and three management styles generally reflective of the different philosophy of the three parties.
We are told that the AFC management style is more participatory, inclusive, and consensual, characterized by more listening and less talking and necessarily includes a broader range of perspectives of advocacy on behalf of the masses. This choice between the three parties vying for power means that Guyana is on the threshold of a new type of politics in this century.
The AFC is very fortunate to have leaders like Moses Nagamootoo, Khemraj Ramjattan and Nigel Hughes with the political experience, competency and qualifications that will take the country forward. According to recent polls and abundant anecdotal evidence on the streets, these three leaders are much more popular and much more liked by the voters compared to the other leaders and politicians.
Let us face it, they bring a refreshing perspective to Guyana’s politics. It took a while for the people to become accustomed to their style and to understand their politics but gradually it is taking hold and they are beginning to understand and like it. The “in your face” macho, very hierarchical, dictatorial, and the “divide and rule” old-time leadership style to which Guyanese have grown accustomed in the past is rapidly becoming irrelevant to a brighter and much more educated younger population who in 2015 will be roughly 65 percent of the voters.
The old time management style of governance proffered by the two old parties has not served the people well. Issues like corruption, abuse of power, vindictiveness, disrespect for the people and the constitution and the marginalization of one ethnic group were routinely swept under the carpet and virtually ignored by both parties. It is only under the AFC leadership that these issues have been brought to the limelight and have received focused attention since independence.
The AFC has become so fed-up with the corrupt practices, high crime rate and the high-handed and dictatorial minority PPP regime that its leaders were left with no choice other than to spearhead the no confidence motion against the PPP. And for this, the people have recognized Moses Nagamootoo as the more mature politician to lead them in a coalition government.
It was not by accident that the two major parties have failed to understand the irreparable damage they have done to the people, institutions, and the social fabric of the country. Their actions were willful, vindictive and deceitful. They have put their parties first and not the country and people.
In fact, they are oblivious to the political wreckage they have caused the people and the country over the years. That is why the clear choice for 2015 will be the AFC, which will need at least two terms to undo the massive damage done to our beloved country since independence.
Let us make it abundantly clear that we are not saying that the two old parties have not done anything good.  Yes, they did and still have a role to play; but primarily the people want real change in 2015 and this means they will be supporting the AFC and perhaps a coalition between the AFC and APNU.
The AFC is quite correct to bring the no confidence motion against the minority PPP regime which has shown contempt for the constitution, disrespect for the people and has ignored the rules of Parliament.
The leaders of the PPP have projected themselves as the savior of the country as though they know it all. Yet they have presented the worst elements of old style leadership and dictatorial politics of the dinosaur era which the youths are moving away from.
The people, especially the youths will not in 2015 cast their votes for any of those old parties with their “race-bait “style of politics and their “divide and rule” concept despite the nation’s motto of “one people, one nation, one destiny.”  The AFC will be the people’s choice in 2015.
Asquith Rose and Harish Singh