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University of Guyana Library

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Our Gifts Policy





In an academic research library, gifts can be disputably accepted or rejected based on

Institutionally-established guidelines.  For the University of Guyana Library, every gift item should meet one or more of the following criteria:


  • Permanence of the material
  • Currency and timeliness
  • Relevance to academia, research and curricular needs
  • Potential and/or known demand for the material
  • Suitability of subject, style and level for the intended end-user
  • Availability and suitability of format in order to maximise use especially as far as electronic media are involved
  • Reputation, authority and significance of the author
  • No stimulatory, restrictive or mandatory conditions as regards care, housing, processing, retention and/or disposition
  • Value pertinent to enhancing collection strength
  • The value of the items to strengthening the existing collections





Due to the high cost of managing the gifts process, the library’s goal in accepting gifts is only to acquire materials very relevant to the institution’s needs and in keeping with the criteria above.  Moreover, the library reserves the right to evaluate and dispose of any gift in accordance with its Collection Development Policy, Mission Statement and Strategic Directions.


These include, inter alia:


  • Supporting the teaching, learning and research needs of the institution
  • Supporting the needs of current and new curricula
  • Maintaining collections of depth to meet teaching, learning and other research needs




   (i)         Donor’s Responsibility

                Donors are asked:


  • To prepare inventory of items being donated.  This should include bibliographical information such as author, title and date of publication.


  • To facilitate scheduled visits where possible from the Head, Technical Services Division, or anyone assigned to inspect and/or review items to be donated, especially if the donation is a sizeable one.


(ii)        Responsibility for Acceptance

In the case of Solicited donations, donors will be informed that donations be made in accordance with the preferences/choices of the library’s Acquisitions Department, which are based on curricula design, Faculty requests, and Librarian’s discretion.


In the case of unsolicited donations, the Library Administration reserves the right to select and/or reject outright items considered inappropriate or unsuited for the purpose of Collection development.


The Library will not accept gifts on which a donor provides restrictions that will negatively affect the use of the materials.


In no case, would acceptance be influenced by nationality, race, political or religious persuasions.





All gifts will be evaluated according to the following criteria:


  • Ability to add depth or breadth to the existing collections
  • Support of overall collection development priorities
  • Relevance of content
  • Physical condition
  • Currency of information where applicable



All gifts will be evaluated by Subject Specialist Librarians and other Senior Administrative library staff where specialized knowledge is required, library staff should consult with members of the Faculty or others with appropriate expertise.


As far as possible, all books added to the collection will bear a bookplate indicating the donor’s name.


All gifts accepted for the collection will be listed.  However, the library cannot guarantee a specific timeline to have books catalogued and placed on the shelves.


If a decision is taken not to add a gift to the general collection, the Library is not required to ship or post the books back to the donor.  Disposing of the gift rests with the Library.


If a gift item becomes outdated, worn or is no longer used, it will be withdrawn in the same way as purchased items of the Library.  There is no guarantee of permanency of a gift.


Donations, Solicited and Unsolicited, will receive a formal acknowledgement.  Where an evaluation is required, the Library will do so by estimating the cost of the item but will not do so for tax purposes since this is the responsibility of the donor.


Due to the constraints of space, it is requested that all donors comply with the request to send listing of items or Letter of Interest outlining the contents of the gift.


Sincere gratitude is extended to all donors for their confidence and generosity to the University of Guyana Library.

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